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I like reading.  So, when I read a book that’s related to renewable energy, sustainability, the environment, policy, whatever, I will make sure I feature the review here.  I’ve already reviewed the history of Terracycle in “Revolution in a Bottle” so I’d like you to help me choose what to read next.  The poll will stay open for a month or so, and I’ll take the top scoring book and review it here.  The upcoming options are:

1. The Silent Spring

2. Hot Flat and Crowded

3. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

4. Cradle to Cradle

5. Powering the Dream

6. Sparkly Vampires

Feel free to comment for books that you think I should include in the next round of polling.  What are the best books on renewable energy you’ve read?  Take the poll and comment below.

The Green Bull


Clean Break Cover PhotoCLEAN BREAK:
The Story of Germany’s Energy Transformation and What Americans Can Learn from It.


$0.99 on Amazon (Kindle Edition)

The European Union’s biggest and most powerful industrial economy is making a clean break from coal, oil and nuclear energy. It is doing something most Americans would say is impossible, but already Germany is running on 25% clean energy and it is on track to reach 80 percent by 2050. Some experts say it could reach 100 percent by then.  But Germany’s energiewende, or energy transformation, is really a very American story that revolves around self-reliant individuals in a responsive democracy forging a national can-do vision.



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