This is a page devoted to the sustainable business community.

Now, what exactly is that?. Those of us who invest in green business, renewable energy, or sustainable companies will find a home here. Reviews of books on this verdant topic, articles, stock information, company histories, sweet new programs that feature sustainability, and harrowing stories about the birth and adolescence of these green companies are all up for discussion.

I shall do my damnedest to post once a month.

I shall attempt to respond to everyone who comments, until the enviable day when there are too many of those to navigate. Suggestions for posts are welcome and in fact, encouraged..

So that’s the when. It’s time to answer the inevitable, “Who the hell are you?” I am a big traveller, a voracious reader, and occasionally I stimulate the economy through the enthusiastic purchase of wine, spirits and ramen noodles. I live and work at a consulting/advisory company in Washington DC, helping to manage the relationship with our clients working on Operations Transformation.

Someday, I hope to do something similar helping renewable energy companies capitalize on the great hand they’ve been dealt. Or I’d love to do some private equity work, helping the most promising new green start-ups get off the ground. Thats the Why. That’s my driving force. But for now, this is a fascinating hobby – collecting information on the confluence of business and sustainability. I look forward to meeting you all through this blog and not only sharing my knowledge, but learning from you.

Welcome to the Green Bull.
Green Charging Bull


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